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International Experience Canada Opens the 2024 Season

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Canada is reaping the benefits of attracting young individuals from across the globe who are eager to gain and contribute professional skills, travel, and immerse themselves in Canadian culture.

The respected Marc Miller, Minister of Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship, has declared the 2024 season of the International Experience Canada (IEC) Program open. This program enables nearly 90,000 young adults from IEC's partner nations and territories to come to Canada for participation. Interested individuals can start submitting their profiles as of December 11, 2023.

IEC operates as a mutual program, facilitating 18–35 year olds from Canada and abroad to engage in work and travel in each other's countries. Canada maintains youth mobility partnerships with more than 35 countries and territories. In 2023, new arrangements or agreements were formed with Finland, Iceland, and Ukraine, and existing ones with South Korea and the United Kingdom were enhanced. In 2024, Canada looks forward to welcoming even more international youth, while Canadian youth will have unprecedented opportunities to gain global experience and insights by visiting partner countries. IEC is also advancing its use of automation technology to streamline the processing of routine applications, thus supporting the program's expansion and making it easier for international youth to work and travel in Canada.

The launch of the 2024 season marks another opportunity for participants to engage in the Canadian experience through work and travel, positively impacting both the job market and the tourism industry in Canada.

IEC categories

  • Working Holiday: Participants receive an open work permit enabling them to work anywhere in the host country to support their travels.
  • International Co-op (Internship): Participants get an employer-specific work permit, allowing students to gain relevant experience in their study field.
  • Young Professionals: Participants receive an employer-specific work permit for acquiring targeted, professional experience in their field of study or career path.


  • Canada and Finland established a new youth mobility agreement in March 2023. Finnish youth are expected to join once the agreement is ratified by both countries, likely in 2024.
  • Youth participation in the Canada–Ukraine youth mobility agreement will commence once it is safe to travel to Ukraine.

Eligible countries