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Canada simplifies the process for residents of Hong Kong to live and work in the country.

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Canada's commitment to supporting Hong Kong residents in their quest for freedom and democracy is further reinforced through recent developments in immigration policies. These changes are aimed at facilitating the long-term stay of Hong Kongers in Canada, with a specific focus on acknowledging the value of their work experience and skills, regardless of their educational background.

  • Canada, as of August 15, 2023, will remove the education requirement under Stream B for Hong Kong permanent residence, broadening eligibility for those with Canadian work experience.
  • The policy change enhances the transition from temporary to permanent residence for Hong Kong residents, aligning with the extension of open work permits.
  • Canadian officials emphasize the importance of this move in terms of inclusion, workforce diversification, and strengthening Canada-Hong Kong relations.

The recent policy amendment complements Canada's ongoing efforts to provide a supportive environment for Hong Kong residents. Specifically, it aligns with Canada's Indo-Pacific Strategy, a long-term plan aimed at deepening engagement in the Indo-Pacific region. This strategy focuses on promoting regional peace, economic growth, and sustainable development, while enhancing people-to-people ties.

Furthermore, Canada has been proactive in welcoming Hong Kong residents at risk of persecution. Those who have fled to other countries may qualify for Canada's resettlement programs, such as the Private Sponsorship of Refugees Program and the Government-Assisted Refugees Program. These programs are part of Canada's broader commitment to humanitarian aid and support for individuals in need of protection.

The immigration pathways for Hong Kong residents, including Streams A and B, are part of a broader public policy initiative that was established on June 1, 2021, and is slated to continue until August 31, 2026. Stream A caters to graduates in Canada, while Stream B is designed for individuals with Canadian work experience. These pathways are indicative of Canada’s flexible approach to immigration, recognizing the diverse backgrounds and contributions of potential residents.

To facilitate the integration of Hong Kong residents into the Canadian workforce, the IRCC launched a new open work permit on February 8, 2021. This permit allows eligible Hong Kong residents to gain valuable Canadian work experience and apply for permanent residence more expediently. The success of this initiative is reflected in the number of permanent residents welcomed under these pathways, with 3,122 Hong Kong residents having been granted permanent residency in Canada as of April 30, 2023.

This comprehensive approach underscores Canada's dedication to building a diverse and prosperous society, recognizing that talent and expertise extend beyond formal education. By welcoming skilled individuals from Hong Kong and enabling them to pursue work opportunities, Canada not only strengthens its labor force but also enriches its cultural diversity, driving economic growth and fostering a spirit of inclusivity.